We are focused on building a special type of community. We want people wanting to improve the world and are at the early stage that need help to succeed. Specifically a community of builders, bootstrappers & disrupters from all over the world.


People of all stripes

There are enough white dudes running the world. Women are smarter and the world looks better with many colours, including the ones with funny accents not from America. We want a supportive environment for people of all types to build their dream.



You’re working on a startup, 7 days a week and 20 hours a day. Success is for those who don’t give up, but you can’t ignore your well-being. We get that, and want to create a space that supports you working hard but also well looked after.




StartupHouse is in the heart of the bustling SoMa district, adjacent to TechShop and Tempest Bar at 934 Howard St.


We have desks that you can work from. Not just any desks: beautiful Russian reclaimed wood for the more aesthetically inclined and standing desks for those who like to keep their backs straight. Anyway we don’t use our space just for working, check out our social channels on Facebook and Twitter to see what happens here.


Are you just another work space? Hells no! We prefer to think of ourselves as a badarse community of workhorses building the future, with community events and startup incubation. We offer programs and mentoring to early stage startups and entrepreneurs. Our partners cover professionals in all the important areas to get you off the ground and running with ongoing benefits. Our goal is to keep you focussed on your business of building disruption with us helping with the rest.

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Our startups get access to perks up to $300K.. Click on our partners logo to find out more about their specific program!