We are focused on building a unique type of community. We want people wanting to improve the world and are at the early stage that need help to succeed. Specifically a community of builders, bootstrappers and disrupters.



There are more women than men in the world, but men dominate the business world and specifically the startup world. We want to change that by creating a supportive environment for women. This isn’t a space for women-only: it’s a space that positively discriminates to bring women into innovation.



You’re working on a startup, 7 days a week and 20 hours a day. Success is for those who don’t give up, but you can’t ignore your well-being. We get that, and want to create a space that supports you working hard but also well looked after: from food programs delivered to the building to being located right by Crossfit: to wellness classes inside our space and connections with wellness experts.




We offer a shared-desk workspace for entrepreneurs, early stage startups and their teams. StartupHouse is located at 934 Howard St San Francisco, right at the intersection of Mary St that we share with TechShop and Tempest Bar. The building used to be the headquarters of Good Vibrations, so we like to think we are continuing on with making some Good Vibes.


We have 50 workstations that you can work from on the ground floor. On the upper levels you’ll be able to use that open-plan workspace for more industrial uses, for those that have projects that don’t make sense in the traditional office environment.


But… but… you’re just another co-working space? We are more than that. We also offer programs and advice that can assist in things as diverse as fund raising advice from venture capitalists, visa advice from foreigners who have gone through it, and accounting advice from qualified CPA’s that have *worked* in startups. Want more? Keep reading.


 Join us!

Check out our plans and email team @ startuphouse.com to see if you qualify


5 days/month shared desk
8am – 8pm anytime
Physical address for mail
Locker access included
Shared desk
24/7 unlimited access
Physical address for mail
Locker access $40
Shared desk
24/7 unlimited access
Physical address for mail
Locker access included
Two (2) hours CFO advice per month + see our featured ecosystem partners below

Dedicated desk
24/7 unlimited access
Physical address for mail
Locker access included
Four (4) hours free in-house CFO advice per month + see our featured ecosystem partners below


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We’ve partnered with one of America’s leading legal firms WilmerHale due to their impressive track record for startups.

Members receive benefits around incorporation, founder/employee/consultant agreements and stock option plans — all for free*.

If that’s not enough help, we’ve negotiated so that you can get a significant discount* off their fees and the ability to defer the collection of fees until you’ve raised money or are making money!

*Types of documents, amount of discount and deferral amounts are dependent on the membership plan

Accounting & Finance


Good accountants are hard to find: ones that actually get startups even harder.

At StartupHouse, you don’t need to look any further : we have in-house expertise for all your accounting and finance matters.

Aside from the fact we have an in-house CPA from a Big Four firm, we also have staff on hand who have bootstrapped their own businesses, worked in venture capital, and ran operations at venture-backed startups.

In short, we get what it takes to start, grow and run the ‘business side’ of a business.

Other Membership benefits


Want more? Our members get steep deals with Sqwiggle, CloudSigma, WilmerHale and others. Our goal is to build additional partnerships for the members of StartupHouse.

If you want to work with us and provide a benefit to our members, drop us an email team @ StartupHouse.com

Featured Ecosystem Partners