We are focused on building a unique type of community. We want people wanting to improve the world and are at the early stage that need help to succeed. Specifically a community of builders, bootstrappers & disrupters from all over the world.



There are more women than men in the world, but men dominate the business world and specifically the startup world. We want to change that by creating a supportive environment for women. This isn’t a space for women-only: it’s a space that positively discriminates to bring women into innovation.



You’re working on a startup, 7 days a week and 20 hours a day. Success is for those who don’t give up, but you can’t ignore your well-being. We get that, and want to create a space that supports you working hard but also well looked after: from food programs delivered to the building, yoga classes on site to our partnership with 24hFitness 3 blocks from here.




We offer a shared & dedicated desk workspace for entrepreneurs and their teams. StartupHouse is located at 934 Howard St, San Francisco, right at the intersection of Mary St that we share with TechShop and Tempest Bar. The building used to be the headquarters of Good Vibrations, so we like to think we are continuing on with making some good vibes.


We have 50 workstations that you can work from on the ground floor. On the upper levels you’ll be able to use that open-plan workspace for more industrial uses, for those that have projects that don’t make sense in the traditional office environment. Anyway we don’t use our space just for working, check out our blog to see what happens here!


But… but… are you just another co-working space? We are more than that! We also offer programs and advices to early stage startups and entrepreneurs. Legal, HR, Banking, Accounting consulting plus virtual perks provided by our best in class partners. Keep focusing on your business while we will take care of the rest.


 Join us!

Select the plan that fits you best and check out if you qualify!


1 month Shared desk
1 month Dedicated desk
1 perk offered by our featured ecosystem partners
Weekly office hours with one of our mentors
Access to all perks offered by our partners
1 month Shared desk
1 perk offered by our featured ecosystem partners

Shared desk 5 days per month


*Startup package price depends on team size


 All plans include:


Secure building, in a prime location in the heart of San Francisco’s SoMa district, only a block away from the largest Moscone Conference Center, where Apple, Salesforce, Google, Box and others host their largest developer conferences.
Individual lockers to keep your peace of mind while you step out or to keep overnight.
We host and run hackathons, workshops, weekend bootcamps, happy hours that attract 200+ people during the night. We’ve previously hosted speakers like CEO of Zendesk, Unity Systems, Sprig, Udemy and many others. Monthly pitch events, including VCs from CRV, BlueRun Ventures, General Catalyst and others.

Establish yourself with a physical San Francisco address, receive mail and packages.
Creativity is appreciated also when cooking. Coffee and tea are on us.
Fast wifi, printers, and most recently our own 3D printer to turn your imagination into molecules.

We have multiple conference rooms in the building and whiteboard-clad walls.
We love biking, hope you do as well. Bring your bike and park it here.
We have partnerships with number of fitness and food establishments in the local area to make sure you get the most for your money. Ramen or not.


Featured Ecosystem Partners:


Our startups get access to perks up to $200K.. Click on our partners logo to find out more about their specific program!



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