An immersive startup bootcamp that prepares you for growth and fundraising. A pre-acceleration equity free program that includes mentorship, virtual perks, office space and exposure to investors.


The Foundry Blueprint

Our startup program is structured to cover a specific topic and deliver selected content each week. We start working on the Vision of your company and after eight weeks you pitch to investors. In between lots of coding, workshops, office hours with mentors and few hours of sleep.

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Our Partners

More than $200K perks in cloud computing credits and other services to build your product. In addition, top niche assistance offered by legal, banking and accounting firms that helped thousands of entrepreneurs to successfully grow their business.


Applications are open year-round. We want to make it easy to relocate to San Francisco when the time is right.

Some of our stories

Connecting the unconnected

“StartupHouse turned a team of 3 people working on an app into an established company with a bigger vision than we ever believed possible.”

Helping lenders win modern borrowers

"Before YCombinator, the StartupHouse Foundry Program network and mentors propelled our success forward by helping us define essential steps to building business value, understanding our customers, and focusing on metrics that matter."

Melinda Dinh
Yelp for People

"The Foundry Program is like a crash course in everything you didn't know you needed to know to run a successful tech company. It was totally worth it. I showed up, I grew, and felt like I accomplished major goals through StartupHouse."

Listen to what our alumni have to say about the Foundry.


What startups do you accept in your program?

Applicants have to meet certain requirements in terms of stage, team and product development. We accept startups that raised less than $200K, with at least one technical person on the team (preferred if not a contractor) and a functional MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

Do I have to move to San Francisco?

It is preferred that at least one team member relocates to San Francisco to take full advantage of the program. If you can't, you will still be doing the mentorship sessions remotely, have access to the content and the other program perks.

What is the participation cost?

A program fee is used to provide office services for the startups and for StartupHouse operations. This ensures that applicants are seriously committed to join our startup program.

Who should apply?

You plan to join a top accelerator, raise a seed round in the next 6-9 months or you want to get traction in the US. Keywords for us are collaboration, creativity, embracing failure and moving quickly. We want you to step out of your comfort zone and take your startup to the next level.

What if I’m not in the US?

International startups are absolutely welcome to apply. We work with immigration and legal experts in San Francisco, and we’ll be happy to help set up your company in the US.

I need housing during the program, can you help?

If you need accommodation, you can stay with us at one of our locations or find a place on your own. For more information take a look at our housing page.

What is the goal of this program?

Startup life is very tough, especially at early stage. The goal of this program is for you to be able to achieve three things: a decision on whether to shut down, pivot or grow your business and get ready for fundraising knowing exactly how you do it.

Why is your program different?

The Foundry Blueprint is a collection of content delivered at the right time. In eight weeks you'll learn every aspect of succesfully growing your business without losing shares in your company. If by the end of it you won't feel satisfy with what you learnt we promise a 100% refund on your participation fee. If you are wondering, nobody has ever requested it.